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Africana Studies:Gloria L. Rhodes
American Indian Studies:Gloria L. Rhodes
Anthropology:Wil Weston
Asian & Pacific Studies:Jenny Wong-Welch
Chicana & Chicano Studies:Erika Esquivel
Children's Literature:Linda Salem
Digital Humanities:Pamella Lach
English & Comparative Literature:Linda Salem, Markel Tumlin
European Studies:Laurel Bliss
French & Francophone Studies:Laurel Bliss
History:Laurel Bliss (History: General; European; Ancient & Medieval), Mara Cota, Erika Esquivel (History: Latin American), Gloria L. Rhodes (History: African; African American; Middle Eastern; American)
Judaic Studies:Gloria L. Rhodes
Latin American Studies:Erika Esquivel
LGBTQ+ Studies:Laurel Bliss, Wil Weston
Linguistics & Asian/Middle Eastern Languages:Jenny Wong-Welch
Philosophy:Keven Jeffery
Political Science:Suzanne Maguire
Rhetoric & Writing Studies:Markel Tumlin
Sociology:Nerissa Lindsey
Spanish & Portuguese Languages & Literatures:Erika Esquivel
Study of Religion:Gloria L. Rhodes
Women's Studies:Laurel Bliss

Administration, Rehabilitation, & Postsecondary Education:Linda Salem, Wil Weston
Child & Family Development:Ashley Wilson
Counseling & School Psychology:Linda Salem, Ashley Wilson
Dual Language & English Learner Education:Linda Salem
Educational Leadership:Linda Salem
School of Teacher Education:Linda Salem
Special Education:Linda Salem

Aerospace Engineering:Jenny Wong-Welch
Civil, Construction, & Environmental Engineering:Jenny Wong-Welch
Electrical & Computer Engineering:Jenny Wong-Welch
Mechanical Engineering:Jenny Wong-Welch

Business Administration:Timothy Tully
Charles W. Lamden School of Accountancy:Rashida Scott Blades
Entrepreneurship:Timothy Tully
Finance:Rashida Scott Blades
Management:Timothy Tully
Management Information Systems:Rashida Scott Blades
Marketing:Timothy Tully

Exercise & Nutritional Sciences:Margaret Henderson
Gerontology:Margaret Henderson
Nursing:Margaret Henderson
Public Health:Margaret Henderson
Social Work:Ashley Wilson
Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences:Margaret Henderson

Aerospace Studies:Gloria L. Rhodes
Art & Design:Laurel Bliss
City Planning:Jenny Wong-Welch
Communication:Rashida Scott Blades
Criminal Justice:Ashley Wilson
Hospitality & Tourism Management:Timothy Tully
International Studies:Rebecca Nowicki
Journalism & Media Studies:Rebecca Nowicki
Military Science:Gloria L. Rhodes
Music & Dance:Kurt Hanselman
Naval Science:Gloria L. Rhodes
Public Administration:Jenny Wong-Welch
Theatre, Television & Film:Rebecca Nowicki

Astronomy:Sarah Tribelhorn
Biology:Sarah Tribelhorn
Chemistry & Biochemistry:Sarah Tribelhorn
Computer Science:Keven Jeffery
Geological Sciences:Wil Weston
Mathematics & Statistics:Jenny Wong-Welch
Oceanography:Wil Weston
Physics:Sarah Tribelhorn
Psychology:Ashley Wilson

Comic Arts:Pamela Jackson
Digital Collections:Lisa Lamont
General Research:Laurel Bliss, Erika Esquivel, Margaret Henderson, Kate Holvoet, Suzanne Maguire, Ashley Wilson
Government Information:Kate Holvoet
Special Collections:Anna Culbertson, Pamela Jackson, Amanda Lanthorne
University Archives:Amanda Lanthorne