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Figueroa, MarkDirector, Library Information Technologies and Digital 594-2945Library Addition 2250
McCarthy, PatrickAssociate 594-1643Library Addition 2250
Spearman, SalleeDirector of Financial Operations and Human 594-4921Library Addition 2250
Walter, 594-1643Library Addition 2250

Amor, MariaLatin American Language & Cultures 594-3017Library Addition 1101H
Bliss, LaurelFine Arts Librarian (Associate Librarian) 594-4446Library Addition 1101E
Campbell, LucyElectronic and Continuing Resources Librarian (Sr. Assistant Librarian)lgcampbell@sdsu.edu619-594-6990Love Library 108B
Cota, MaraLibrarian, Lead, SDSU-IV Imperial Valley Library (Sr. Assistant Librarian) 768-5626L5A / Love Library 220
Culbertson, AnnaDirector of Special Collections & University Archives (Librarian) 594-6892Love Library 150
Ellis, CatHealth Sciences Librarian (Sr. Assistant Librarian) 594-0280Love Library 1101F
Esquivel, ErikaLatin American & Indigenous Communities Archivist (Sr. Assistant Librarian) 594-3317Love Library 150
Hanselman, KurtCataloging Librarian (Sr. Assistant Librarian) 594-5895Love Library 108F
Harley, BruceReference Librarian (Librarian) 594-5014Love Library 114A
Henderson, MargaretHealth Sciences Librarian (Associate Librarian) 594-0996Library Addition 1101N
Heng, GretaCataloging & Metadata Strategies Librarian (Sr. Assistant Librarian) 594-6051Love Library 108A
Holvoet, KateScholarly Communication and Open Initiatives Librarian (Associate Librarian) 594-1530Love Library 108L
Jackson, PamelaComic Arts Curator | Co-Founder/Co-Director Center for Comics Studies, College of Arts and Letters (Librarian) 594-3809Love Library 145
Jeffery, KevenDigital Technologies Librarian (Librarian) 594-3405Love Library 221
Lach, PamellaDigital Humanities Librarian and DH Center Director (Associate Librarian) 594-8241Library Addition 61N
Lamont, LisaDigital Collections Librarian (Librarian) 594-2656Love Library 455C
Lanthorne, AmandaAssistant Head of Special Collections / University Archivist (Associate Librarian) 594-4448Love Library-147
Lindsay, NathanResearch & Instruction Librarian (Assistant Librarian) 594-4920Library Addition 1101A
Lindsey, NerissaHead of Content Organization and Management (Associate Librarian) 594-2688Love Library 108J
Maguire, SuzanneResearch & Instruction Librarian (Assistant Librarian) 594-0193Love Library 240
Nowicki, RebeccaOnline Learning Librarian (Associate Librarian) 594-0643Library Addition 1101P
Rhodes, Gloria L.Outreach and Diversity Initiatives Librarian (Associate Librarian) 594-1169Library Addition 1101J
Salem, LindaAssistant Head of Collection Development, Education Librarian (Librarian) 594-5148Love Library 222
Scott Blades, RashidaBusiness & Communication Librarian (Sr. Assistant Librarian) 594-1634Library Addition 1101K
Su, JulieSerials Librarian (Librarian) 594-0904Love Library 114A
Tribelhorn, SarahSciences Librarian (Sr. Assistant Librarian) 594-2777Library Addition 1101C
Tully, TimothyBusiness Librarian (Associate Librarian) 594-2009Library Addition 1101D
Tumlin, MarkelReference Librarian (Associate Librarian) 594-6875Library Addition 1101L
Valenzuela, ErikResearch & Instruction Librarian (Assistant Librarian) 594-0340Library Addition 1101B
Weston, WilHead of Collection Development & Resources Sharing Librarian (Librarian) (619) 594-6988Love Library 518
Wilson, AshleySocial Sciences Librarian (Sr. Assistant Librarian) 594-0211Library Addition 1101M
Wong-Welch, JennySTEM Librarian; build IT Makerspace Director; Head of Research, Instruction, Outreach (Associate Librarian) 594-1352Love Library 250

Acevedo, JosieLibrary Computing Hub 594-1246Love Library 229
Attiq, BannPersonnel and Process 594-1642Library Addition 2250
Avendano, JoelIT Operations 594-6733Love Library 404
Bailund, AllisonAcquisitions & Cataloging 594-8777Love Library 108
Beck, EricMetadata 594-0199Love Library 455A
Boyd, KathySerials Cataloging 594-3101Love Library 108
Brown, MorlinStack Maintenance 594-3276Love Library 180B
Brown, ShaliseSearching & Retrieval 594-0823Love Library 115A
Brubaker, JesicaILL Lead 594-1645Love Library 115D
Burkhart, AdamProcessing 594-7047Love Library 151
Carson, ReneeIDT 594-0484Love Library 229
Chang, MaryCataloging 594-4675Love Library 108E
Clay, RobertIT Support 594-3115Love Library 409
Compton, TroyLibrary Circulation Department Head, Patron Database & System 594-2184Library Addition 1108E
Conner, SarahUser Services 594-2298Love Library 153
Daoud, DominicIT Support 594-3102Love Library 409
DiBella, EdwardCircuit 594-4403Love Library 182
DiMaio, MikeComputing Hub 594-2658Love Library 228
Dotson, MaureenAdministrative Operations Specialist / Facilities 594-4472Library Addition 2250
Farnsworth, MelisaLibrary Facilities Project 594-0668Library Addition 2250
Ferrill, MattDigital Services 594-3338Love Library 455B
Flanigan, PatrickDHC Programs & Operations 594-8775Library Addition 61V
Futa, L. PeteFinancial Operations 594-2534Library Addition 2250
Haynes, RyanRIO Services 594-0387Love Library 1108E
Housh, DonikaCataloging 594-6312Love Library 108
Jarman, EliaDeans 594-1643Library Addition 2250
McCready, DanCollection Preservation 594-2317Library Addition 1108D
McGirr, DevanDigital Services 594-7987Love Library 455D
Meyer, PatSerials 594-6798Love Library 108
Montano, AdrianHead of Course Reserves, Co-Equipment 594-0126Library Addition 1108
Moore, BrianILS 594-2397Love Library 405
Mukahhal, DaniaGraphic Designer & Social Media 594-0348Library Addition 2250
Nguyen, HongSr. System Administrator/Applications 594-4363Love Library 404
Pastor, MarcWeb Design & Digital Communications 594-5709Love Library 404
Perez, ElizabethAdministrative Office 594-2833Library Addition 2250
Pliego, RicardoEvening Building 594-3924Love Library 180A
Quintero, LorraineILL Borrowing 594-5759Love Library 115B
Ramirez, KarinaLibrary Services Specialistkramirez@sdsu.edu760-768-5547L5A
Robles, EvidLibrary Services Specialiste1robles@sdsu.edu760-768-5620Circulation Desk
Rogers, TylerSerials Cataloging/ 594-4082Love Library 108
Servin, CiprianoIT Support 594-1785Love Library 409
Staninger, WilliamSecurity 594-1170Love Library 108C
Swinford, SarahILL Lending Coordinatorsswinford@sdsu.eduLove Library 115C
Tillman, JoshPHP Developer & Database 594-1811Love Library 404
Truong, RyanLead, Senior Systems Library 405
Williamson, RebeccaMarketing and Communications 594-2447Library Addition 2250